Project timeline
since 2019
Vue.js | vuetify | PHP | SleekDB

Looking for a fast and simple financial planning app without complex software dependencies, I quickly got the desire to develop an app myself with a PHP backend. After the created mockups, the mobile-first progressive web app was released in its first version using the Vue.js design framework "vuetify". The self-written PHP backend without dependencies on third-party software enables synchronization of user data. There is no need to install the software. The required PHP application with Vue.js frontend can be uploaded to any web hosting service. The Progressive Web App can also be used offline. User data is stored fully encrypted in SleekDB.

The in-house development, which is not yet in a release state, is currently being tested in a closed beta. A release is currently not planned due to a lack of resources, but the application is being actively used in private. The PHP backend technology was also used further in the project dasTagebuch.

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