Project timeline
since 2021
Vue.js | matrix-js-sdk | vuetify

My project-based master thesis at Furtwangen University. The thesis should be published in the course of the next year together with Furtwangen University. A copy of the thesis can of course be requested at any time.

A full-fledged patient communication platform based on the Matrix protocol was developed. The focus was set on the backend and not on the frontend development.


Digital ad-hoc communication between service providers in the German health care system is inefficient because they currently do not comply with the latest standards. The purpose of this work is to examine how far the telematics infrastructure messengers which are based on the matrix protocol and specified by gematik GmbH enable interoperable, decentralized and secure communication. The author of this thesis is developing a communication platform for patients ensuring the exchange and presentation of structured data within a Matrix network. In order to check whether the “Matrix protocol” might be used as a backend technology for the implementation, service providers in the health care system are interviewed as experts. The prototype software solution "medDeck”, which was built in the course of this work complies with the experts’ requests and confirms the versatile applicability and future viability of the matrix protocol.

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