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Working or learning in a silent environment is not always optimal. The sense of time is often missing in a noiseless room. Moreover, creative stimulation based on interesting noises or sounds is also not possible. To counteract this problem, there are numerous providers of "noise generators" in application forms such as websites, mobile apps or even hardware devices. With some sound generators, it is possible to adjust the mood, environment and the volume of the different elements. Outputted are looped pre-recorded audio tracks that repeat after some time. Known providers are for example myNoise, ambient-mixer and a-soft-murmur.

However, none of these applications reacts to the user's daily events and notices him or her to take a break. The progressive web app "ambienceWork" developed in this project is intended to accompany the user through the day. According to the current time of day, the tasks to be completed and the weather the mood of the music changes. Generative sounds, which are unique to each user, are intended to have a motivating effect on the user to increase their productivity. Based on the Pomodoro-Technique which uses 25-minute work units as a basis, sound motifs of various predefined moods will be played.

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